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LED façade soffit lighting

LED soffit lights are functional and beautiful

By selecting the desired power of the LED soffit lights and varying the spacing of their arrangement, you will create a unique and the most suitable lighting for your building. The flexibility of this lighting system will allow you to easily implement the lighting of each building façade – it is only important to choose the lights of the right power and place them with optimal spacing.

Tiltable LED lights are used to illuminate the façade. You can change the angle of illumination by tilting the light housing in the desired direction. You can easily direct the lights away from areas of the façade where the light needs to be weaker, such as windows. The ability to direct the LED lights at the desired angle will allow the lights to be adapted for both horizontal and inclined soffit.

Economical lighting solution

Exceptional façade lighting and low energy bills

The LED soffit lights are low-power. The most common are 1-3W LED lights. The average annual electricity consumption of an optimally installed façade lighting system is around EUR 30. As one of the facade lighting control solutions, we offer a photo relay that will switch on the LED soffit lights after dark and switch off after dawn. In this way, you will use the façade lighting at the time you need it most, without having to worry about it.

The recommendations described in our articles are based on many implemented projects. We offer you the most optimal solutions, of course, by adjusting them according to your needs and wishes.


Just a few steps…
Plan LED lighting
Choose preferred products
Install LED façade lights
Enjoy LED lighting in soffit

Why should you choose our LED LIGHTS to light up the soffits?

IP klasė šviestuvams
Maitinimo šaltinis
Aliuminio korpusas
Pakreipiami LED šviestuvai


LED technology

We use the EDISON or EPISTAR diodes of world-recognised manufacturers


We provide at least two years warranty for LED lights and the lights are also repaired after the warranty period.


LED soffit lights are highly efficient and have excellent performance

Replaceable LED diode

LED light modules can be replaced by soldering. We provide light repair services.

Certificated products

LED soffit lights are thoroughly tested and comply with EU requirements and have CE certificates.


LED soffit lights are of 1W or 3W power. The annual energy consumption costs just a few euros.



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We ship the goods within one working day. You will receive your order within 1-2 days depending on the chosen delivery method. We always try to ship the goods as quickly as possible. Call us and once everything has been arranged, you can receive the goods even on the same day (using bus shipments). When you arrive at our office, you will always receive your order right away.

We deliver goods via couriers or postal services. Goods are delivered on working days, from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. You will be informed of the exact delivery time by the phone number you provide before the delivery of the item.



LED lights are provided with at least a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The exact warranty period can be found in the detailed description of each product.

The warranty is subject to the following regulations:

  • We will replace the product with a new one if it was delivered with a manufacturer’s defect – not functioning, with a damaged housing or other defects.
  • A product damaged during operation shall be repaired first, and if repair is not technically possible, it shall be replaced with a new product of the same type. If it is not possible to replace the product, the buyer will be refunded for it.
  • If you have any complaints about the set or the quality of the goods, please notify the seller immediately after you have received the goods.
  • The warranty is subject to the presentation of proof of purchase.
  • The warranty is not provided if the customer has mechanically damaged the product.
  • The warranty is granted upon delivery of the product to us.

Additional information:

  • For repaired or replaced goods, the warranty period starts from the original date of purchase of goods;
  • All costs related to the delivery of the goods due to the warranty and the delivery of the goods back to the buyer shall be borne by the Buyer;

Please note that warranty service does not include:

  • faults caused by natural disasters (for e.g., surges, lightning, floods), fires;
  • faults caused by the user’s negligence and improper operation;
  • faults due to incorrect installation, connection;
  • faults due to disruption of the electricity supply network;
  • damage caused during operation (for e.g., the appliance has been dropped on the ground, it was cleaned with chemicals not intended for that purpose, shaving scratches or other defects caused by mechanical damage);
  • if foreign objects are found inside the appliance during inspection;
  • defects caused during transport when the appliance is transported by the customer himself or by a courier service authorised by him.

Free warranty service shall be void if:

  • the appliance was repaired by an unauthorised service technician;
  • the appliance was operated without following the user’s instructions or not according to its intended purpose, not in the user’s household but for commercial purposes;
  • the appliance was operated in an unsuitable environment;
  • the appliance was deliberately damaged;
  • the appliance is intended for non-professional use and was purchased by a legal entity.

The Buyer delivers the goods for warranty service at his own expense.

We want our customers to be satisfied with our products, so we resolve any misunderstandings in good faith and provide comprehensive after-sales support. You can always contact us for product repair even after the expiry of the warranty period.

Return of goods

The buyer having purchased a faulty product shall submit a written request to the seller specifying the defects in the product and his wish to replace the product or to obtain a refund for the product. Changes in the appearance of the product or in the packaging(s), which were necessary for the purpose of inspecting the received item, cannot be considered as a substantial change in the appearance of the item. In the event that the reason for returning the goods is faulty quality, we undertake to replace the faulty product with the product of adequate quality at our own expense, or to refund the money paid for the goods.

  • To return the product, please fill in the return form (download) and send it to us by email info@soffit-light.com or place it in the parcel with the returned goods, or you can inform us about the return by calling +370 630 06999;
  • The refund will be paid no later than within five (5) days after the return of the product;
  • The amount paid for the delivery of the goods is not refundable to the Buyer;
  • The Seller has the right not to accept the goods returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not follow the established procedure for returning the goods.
  • Please return the goods to our office in Klaipėda, at the following address: Taikos pr. 24-13, Klaipėda City Lithuania LT-91222.
    Recipient: MB 35 sprendimai
    Contact phone: +370 630 06999
    E-mail: info@pakalimas.lt

The goods to be replaced or returned must meet the following criteria:

  • the goods must not be used;
  • the goods must not be damaged due to the fault of the buyer;
  • the returned goods must be complete and retain their marketable condition;

Return of quality goods

Quality goods may be returned within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of purchase.
The Buyer is responsible for the delivery costs of the returned quality goods.


VERSION of 1 November 2018

When processing your personal data, we follow the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as the requirements for the processing of personal data established in other legal acts.

The www.soffit-light.com e-shop does not provide the customer with the possibility to create an account and to log in to it later. Customer data is collected without the creation of an account and only for the purpose of order fulfilment. Information on the collection and storage of the aforementioned data is provided below.


  1. ‘The Company or Personal Data Controller’ means MB 35 Sprendimai, a private limited liability company established and operating under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, legal entity code 304226512, registered office address is: Taikos pr. 24, Klaipėda, the data are collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities (State Enterprise Centre of Registers, Vilnius Branch), which is the administrator of the Electronic shop (E-shop).
  2. ‘Customer or Data Subject’ means a capable adult, i.e., a natural person aged 18 (eighteen) and over, or a minor capable person aged at least 16 (sixteen) years who has the consent of his/her parents or guardians (except for the case of emancipation), who is using the Company’s E-shop Services, and whose personal data is processed by the Company in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation regulating the legal protection of personal data.
  3. ‘Electronic shop’ means the Company’s online shops at soffit-light.com
  4. ‘Services’ means all services provided by the Company.
  5. ‘Personal Data’ means any information relating to a natural person – Data Subject whose identity is known or can be established, directly or indirectly, by using data such as a personal identification number, and one or more physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics of the person.
  6. ‘Personal data processing’ means any action performed with personal data, such as collection, recording, accumulation, storage, classification, grouping, aggregation, alteration (addition or amendment), provision, publication, use, logical and/or arithmetical operations, search, dissemination, deletion, or any other action or set of actions.
  7. ‘Partner’ means a legal entity that provides services to the Company in connection with the Company’s activities or sells goods to the Company or carries out joint projects with the Company, including, but not limited to, marketing campaigns, joint sales campaigns, loyalty programmes, etc., in the media, on websites, E-shop, retail shops, shopping malls, and so on.
  8. ‘Cookie’ means a corresponding file with a unique identification number that is transmitted from the E-shop website to the hard drive of the E-shop visitor’s computer to allow the E-shop administrator to identify the visitor’s computer and to see the visitor’s activity in the E-shop, as well as to maintain the proper functionality of the E-shop.
  9. ‘Direct marketing’ means the activity of offering goods or services to persons by post, telephone or other direct means and/or seeking their opinion on the goods or services offered.
  10. ‘Privacy Policy’ means this document which establishes the principles and rules for the processing of Personal Data when using the services of the E-Shop.
  11. ‘Account’ means the Customer’s basic login data to the E-shop consisting of one email address and a Password.
  12. ‘Password’ means a unique combination of numbers, letters, or numbers and letters or other symbols created by the Customer and used to log in to the E-shop.



  1. The Privacy Policy is designed to protect and defend the Personal Data of soffit-light.com Buyers from unauthorised use.
  2. By making a purchase in the E-Shop or registering an Account, the Customer grants the Company the right to carry out all Personal Data processing actions within the scope and for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.
  3. Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the processing and protection of Personal Data, this Privacy Policy and the Company’s internal Personal Data processing procedures.
  4. The Company processes Personal Data in accordance with the following principles:
    1. Personal Data are collected for defined and legitimate purposes;
    2. Personal Data are processed accurately, fairly and lawfully;
    3. Personal Data are adequate and only to the extent necessary for their collection and further processing;
    4. Personal data are constantly updated;
    5. Personal data are stored in such a form that the identity of the Data Subject can be determined no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected and processed;
  5. All information about Personal Data is confidential.
  6. Personal Data and personal information of the Customer will not be used for any unlawful purpose.
  7. It is deemed that the Customer by making a purchase in the E-shop have read the current version of the Privacy Policy and agreed with it. If the Customer disagrees with any part of the Privacy Policy or the Privacy Policy, in such case the Customer must not place an order and purchase an item in the E-shop.
  8. The Privacy Policy is available in the E-shop and can be printed at any time. The Privacy Policy may be amended, supplemented or updated at the discretion of the Company. The new version of the Privacy Policy shall be published in the E-shop.
  9. The Customer may place an order in the E-shop without registration.
  10. When using the Services, as well as when making purchases in the E-shop, the Customer must always provide accurate Personal Data to the E-shop and is responsible for their accuracy.
  11. The Customer has the right to modify, amend and delete the Personal Data at any time.



  1. The Company respects the right to privacy of each Customer. The Customer’s Personal Data are collected and processed for the following purposes:
    1. For e-commerce purposes. The following Personal Data are processed: name, surname, place of residence (address), purchase history (types of goods purchased, amounts spent), mobile phone number, e-mail address;
    2. For the purpose of administering electronic enquiries. The following Personal Data are processed: e-mail address, name, surname, telephone number;
  2. The Customer, as the Data Subject, has the following rights in relation to the processing of the Customer’s Personal Data:
    1. to obtain information from the Company about the processing of the Customer’s Personal Data, to access his/her Personal Data and to learn how they are processed;
    2. to obtain information from the Company on the sources and which Personal Data of the Customer were collected, the purposes for which they are processed, the recipients to whom they are provided and have been provided for at least the last 1 (one) year;
    3. to request correction, destruction of the Customer’s Personal Data or suspension, with the exception of storage, of the processing of his/her Personal Data where the Personal Data are processed in violation of the provisions of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and of any other laws.
  3. The Customer may exercise his/her rights provided for in Clause 2 by sending an email to info@soffit-light.com, as well as by contacting the responsible employee at telephone number 8 630 06999 or at the address of the registered office of the Company. The Company has the right to rectify or delete Personal Data or to suspend the processing of Personal Data only after the identity of the Customer who made the request has been identified.
  4. The Customer’s Personal Data shall not be disclosed to third parties, except in the following cases:
  5. where the Customer’s consent has been obtained as set out in this Privacy Policy;
  6. to the competent authorities in cases provided for by the laws and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  7. The Customer is aware of his/her right to object to the processing of his/her Personal Data for the purposes of Direct Marketing, i.e., the Customer has the right to express his/her disagreement immediately or at a later date.
  8. The Customer agrees that his/her Personal Data are used by the Company in the provision of the Services to the Customer.
  9. If the Customer does not agree to the Privacy Policy, the Customer will not be able to use the services of the E-shop. The Customer may express his/her disagreement in the manner set out in Clause 3 of this section.
  10. The Company implements organisational and technical measures to protect Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, as well as against any other unlawful processing. The level of Personal Data protection measures applied by the Company complies with the legal requirements of the Republic of Lithuania.
  11. The Customer agrees that in cases where it is necessary according to the instructions of the competent authorities and/or where the Customer’s Personal Data may have been used in the course of illegal activities, or where there are reasonable suspicions of identity theft for which the competent law enforcement authorities are conducting a pre-trial investigation, or where there are any other legitimate grounds or purposes, the Customer’s Personal Data are stored on the Company’s servers for a longer period than specified in the Privacy Policy.
  12. Upon receipt of an instruction or enquiry from a Data Subject in relation to the processing of Personal Data, the Company shall provide the Customer with a response, either granting the request/instruction or giving a reasoned refusal to do so, no later than within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of request of the Data Subject. If the Data Subject so requests, the response must be given in writing.


Information (Cookies) used to identify the Customer as a previous user of the E-shop, to collect E-shop traffic statistics, and to collect information about the shopping cart is placed on the Customer’s computer (device) so that the Company can offer the Customers full-fledged services in the E-shop. The Customer may delete some or all of the saved Cookies at any time.

  1. A cookie is a small text document containing a unique identification number that is transmitted from a website to a person’s computer to distinguish the person’s computer, browser type and to view the person’s online activity. The unique number identifies a person’s browser each time the person visits a website. Cookies do not allow to memorise personal information (such as a person’s name and address). Cookies are used by websites to keep statistics, such as the number of visits of individuals to the website and website traffic. Such information is not linked to personal information. A person may disable the use of cookies at any time, but without cookies some functions of the www.airsofos.lt website may not work or may not work properly.
  2. Purposes of using cookies:
    1. to create a shopping cart (to carry out the main activities of the website) and to calculate the website statistics.
    2. When using the website, the customer may be required to register so that he could order the goods. In this case, the customer is required to provide personal data (such as name, email address, telephone number, etc.). The Company shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to use in any legal manner all information and data provided by the person during registration or otherwise.
    3. A cookie is created for the formation of a shopping cart when the user adds items to the shopping cart and is deleted when the user closes (logs out) the website window (ends the session).
  3. You can allow or refuse cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change your browser settings if you prefer not to accept cookies or to receive a warning message before they are saved. Read your browser’s instructions or just find out more about these functions. If you choose not to accept cookies, you may not be able to use the interactive features of this website.
  4. The Data Subject’s consent is not required if cookies are used on the website of the online shop to form a shopping cart for the goods selected by the Buyer, etc.
  5. No personal data of the customer are collected by means of cookies.
  6. Information is not provided to any third parties when the necessary cookies are recorded.



The Company has the right to amend or supplement the Privacy Policy in whole or in part. Additions or amendments to the Privacy Policy shall come into force from the date of their publication, i.e., from the date on which they are published in the E-shop.

If you have any questions, please call +370 630 06999 or send an email to info@soffit-light.com

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