We are proud of our WORK performed!

We are constantly updating information and sharing façade lighting projects implemented by us or our customers who have purchased Soffit-Light.com LED lights for façade lighting.

We try to improve together with our customers, we take into account your suggestions and we strive to create an offer of facade LED lights that meets your needs. We look for the latest news on façade lighting and share information on their installation features.

10 years for the first soffits!

We implemented the first projects 10 years ago, and we knew even then that they would become a distinctive home decoration.

Liked and appreciated by our customers

We are happy to share positive feedback from our customers. We want our customers to find the product they visited Soffit-light.com for.


1W LED Lights

Soft facade lighting
General perimeter lighting

1W LED lights installed with 0.5 - 1.5 m spacing between them. Most often 1W LED soffit lights are chosen by customers to decorate the façade and to create backlighting. Tasteful and subtle lighting enlivens the façade of the building and creates a unique look.

1W LED Lights


3W LED Lights

Wider perimeter lighting
Brighter façade and more uniform light distribution

3W LED lights are installed with 1 - 2 m spacing between them. 3W LED soffit lights are most often chosen by customers to create general perimeter lighting. A great choice to illuminate a terrace or entrance to a house. Tiltable LED lights allow you to adjust the direction of light propagation and create an individual lighting solution for each object.

3W LED Lights