LED soffit lights create unique facade lighting

LED soffit lights create unique facade lighting

LED soffit lights look aesthetic and are functional

Properly selected lighting will decorate your building and make your façade unique. This article describes the façade lighting by installing LED soffit lights.

By selecting the desired power of the LED lights and by choosing the most suitable, in your opinion, arrangement of the soffit lights, you will create a very distinctive façade lighting – unique to your building. Due to the possibility of choosing the spacing between the lights, you will be able to frame the corners of the house beautifully by installing the lights in them, and avoid unnecessary lighting at the windows by calculating the correct size of spaces between the LED lights.

What power LED lights should be used in the soffits?

1-3W LED tiltable lights are most commonly used for façade lighting in the soffits. Use 1W LED lights to emphasize façade details and to highlight certain details of the façade. Façade lighting with 1W lights will create a cozy lighting around the entire perimeter, with a width of lighting extending about 1 meter from the building wall. You can adjust the width and brightness of the façade lighting by changing the direction of the light. Tilt the lights closer to the wall and the façade lighting will be brighter.

Use the 3W LED lights to create a more active lighting for the façade and the environment around the building. Correctly tilted lights can illuminate quite intensely about 3 meters from the wall of the building. Also use 3W LED lights for taller buildings (8-12 m) to create more uniform lighting over the entire height of the façade.
LED šviestuvai pakalimamsThe special purpose LED soffit lights are tiltable, therefore you can adjust the light flow at different areas on the façade, for example, to direct the lights away from the windows.

Do you have any doubts about the choice of lighting?

You can’t decide which power LED lights to use in your soffits? Contact us and we will advise you and help in choosing the most suitable LED lighting for your building facade. Send us the fill in contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

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